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2nd Packaging & Converting School

On 7&8 June 2018 we hosted the 2nd Packaging & Converting School in Thessaloniki! This was the second edition of the successful biennial seminar series organized by our company, which brings together packaging professionals from all across Europe.

10 distinguished speakers and over 100 participants from 16 countries shared ideas, information and know-how on every aspect of Flexible Packaging, contributing to the discourse on novel packaging applications and trends.

The topics covered by our high-profile speakers included:

- Benefits of Flexible Packaging: Mr. Guido Aufdemkamp, Executive Director of Flexible Packaging Europe - FPE, delivered knowledge on the benefits of flexible packaging, focusing on Light-weighting, Global Food Waste Prevention, Packed Product Lifecycle & Environmental Impact, and Packaging Resource Efficiency.

- Dr. Lefteris Tourasanidis, R&D Manager of Hatzopoulos S.A. presented all aspects of Flexible packaging design, taking into consideration the packaging functions, product and pack type, alternative packaging lines, and materials properties, as well as some interesting case studies of successful flexible packaging design.

- Mr. Theodoros Paraskevopoulos, Packaging Specialist at Hatzopoulos S.A. provided important information on Barrier Properties against food deterioration factors & how packaging can help improve the product Shelf Life.

- Mr. Christodoulos Naziris, Quality Assurance Manager of our company, explained in an accurate yet easy way the European Packaging Legislation & Regulations in force and their Product Safety dimensions.

- Brand Packaging Design, the Nestle case study: Dr. Pascalis Kastanas, Head of Packaging and Manufacturing Services for Nestle SE Europe, provided profound insights on the packaging redesigning procedure from the producer's perspective, presenting the case study of Loumidis, the leading Greek coffee brand.

-Dr. Carolin Hauser, Professor at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg, shared knowledge on the Global Changing Society trends and their link to modern Food Packaging development.

- Mr. Konstantinos Poulopoulos, Account Manager of Beetroot design group, gave a powerful presentation of all factors affecting the creative aspect of Packaging Design that drives purchasing decisions.

- Mr. Ovidiu Serb, Technical Director of A.Hatzopoulos S.A., vividly presented the printing inks properties and printing technologies available, explaining the printing process, critical points and advantages of each method.

- Mr. Gerald Lefebvre, Packaging Consultant and CEO of ECO6S, provided participants with valuable information on achieving packaging sustainability in the new Circular Economy.

- Case study: Fairfields Farm:
Mr. Dave Daniels, Technical Director of National Flexible Ltd, presented the case study of a novel, multi-functional smart packaging developed for a snack product. The Fairfields Farm project combines advanced material properties, laser scoring for easy opening and smart scanning technology through Shazam interactive software, bringing to life the new era of internet of packaging and its various possibilities.

The conference was followed by guided tours of our production facilities giving to attendees the opportunity to get a thorough understanding of the flexible packaging manufacturing process.

We thank all participants, speakers and partners for the event's success, which was rated by the majority of our participants as very good (98%).
We are proud of the result and we are looking forward to welcoming you again at the next, 3rd edition of 2020!