European Legislation on Labeling & Cosmetic Products
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European Legislation on Labeling & Cosmetic Products

Regulation (ΕU) 1169/2011 on the provision on food information to the consumers
The regulation entered into force on December 20111 and shall apply from 12/12/2014. It is amending regulations (EU)1924/2066 and (EU) 1925/2006 and repealing six relevant directives and regulation (EK) 608/2004.

It provides the basis for the assuring of consumer protection in relation to the information provide about the foods and obligations – assets – general principles for food labeling. It applies to all food products intended for the final consumer. Compliance with the regulation is in responsibility of companies producing food products but it is expected to affect producers of packaging materials operations, as it may be necessary for several packaging and label artworks to be redesigned so as to meet requirements of the above legislation.

Regulation (EU) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products
The regulation entered into force at the end of 2009 and the general application date has been set on July 2013, when directive 76/768/EEC is repealed. It establishes rules to be complied with by any cosmetic product placed on the market, aiming in protection of human health and functioning of cosmetic products market.
In article 17 of the regulation, on traces of prohibited substances, as listed in Annex, states that the non-intended presence of a small quantity in the product, due to (among others) the migration from the means of transport (packaging materials), which I technically unavoidable under the application good manufacturing practice is permitted, provided that the product is safe for human health. In most cases packaging materials that comply with legislation on materials intended for food contact are expected to meet legal requirements for cosmetic products.