How accurate is your color vision?
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How accurate is your color vision?

Take the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test and find out!

When it comes to printing, as with all color-critical environments, it is important for anyone involved in color evaluation to understand how accurately they actually see color. The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test is a global standard that has been used by governments and industry for more than 60 years as a highly effective method to measure an individual’s color vision.

Fast, fun and easy for anyone to take it, the test consists of four trays containing in total 85 removable color reference caps. The cap colors are in incremental hue variations and span the visible spectrum. The rows cover orange/magenta hues, yellow/green hues, blue/purple and purple/magenta hues, in that order. Each color hue at the polar end of a row is fixed in position, to serve as an anchor. Each hue cap between these anchors can be adjusted as the observer sees fit. Final color vision aptitude is detected by the observer’s ability to place the color caps in the correct order of hue.

The test score finally shows if the observer’s vision is low, average or superior. It is estimated that superior vision corresponds to about 16% of total population. Scores for the test are based on two factors: 1.Frequency the color caps are misplaced. 2.The severity, or distance of the misplacement. The test results will tell you where your deficiencies lie and where the errors were made. Using the accompanying software, results can be saved, displayed in polar or linear format, and filtered or analyzed according to a variety of algorithms.

As a printer committed to high-quality standards and given our dedication to printing excellence, at Hatzopoulos we have started using this method to fully analyze color vision of our staff involved with color-critical operations.

The test is also available to our regular factory visitors who want to measure their color acuity. If it is important to you to evaluate your color vision accuracy or if you are simply curious to find our your score, don’t hesitate to contact our team and take the test during your next visit!

Contact us to take the test during your next visit