New Ink Mixing System
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New Ink Mixing System

Following the installation and the successful start-up of the Arkadiou plant ink-mixing system (flexo printings), the year 2011 finds our company equipped with a new ink-mixing system, this time for the Stadiou plant, where our roto presses are placed. The new system is supported with an analytic color-matching lab. This state of the art ink-mixing and producing technology consists of:
35 ink stations
A precise dosing system
An analytical (high precision) balance
Air-pumps, and
A management station
The total capacity of the system is 44m3, and provides to our company the reproducibility and the quality assurance for the inks production, especially for the pantone color shades. The color – lab controls the system, it prepares the requested shades and it is equipped with a high-end spectrophotomer.
The ink-mixing system has the ability to execute recipes with the help of specially designed software with maximum deviation of only one gram (1g). All these recipes are stored per customer and per product, and they can be re-used on demand. The biggest advantage of the system is that it can continuously reproduce without any deviations the required formulations, reducing significantly, the printing press set-up time, as well as the waste.
The new system, which equips the rotogravure printing line, secures our customers’ requests of selected color shades based on the Pantone system. This way we can guarantee printing accuracy and objectivity during color judgment, ensuring the successful printing of new as well as of repeating artworks.