Dried foods Alu-free solution
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Dried foods Alu-free solution

Dried foods, and especially dehydrated soups, powder concentrates and mixes, are high-demanding concerning packaging barrier properties, food-stuffs. Especially humidity barrier is essential for the products’ conservation and shelf life. Although aluminium foil-based flat pouches usually dominates this market, Hatzopoulos is ready to propose alternative alu-free solution. High barrier triplex laminates (Paper or PET / Barrier layer / PE) in 3 or 4 side sealed pouches can be successfully replaced,technically and economically, with a double laminate (Paper or PET / Pioneer Sealant layer).
With the above solution both sealant and barrier layers can be substitute by a single film, simplifying the structure.
Advantages: packaging weight reduction (15% minimum), green house gases emission reduction (60% minimum), improved “flexcrack” and puncture resistance vs foil, superior seal performance and very high barrier (target typical values: WVTR= 0.3 g/m2/24h (38°C-90%RH) and OTR = 0.1 cm3/m2/24h (23°C-0%RH).
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