Donation of Equipment to the Social Clinic of Lykodromio–Xanthi.
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Donation of Equipment to the Social Clinic of Lykodromio–Xanthi.

In line with our corporate culture and our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy we now have one more donation to be proud of. In October 2014, our representative delivered and installed a modern cardiograph and a computer set equipped with all necessary software to the Community Clinic of the cultural association of Lykodromio in Xanthi.
Lykodromio of Xanthi is a small village close to the Greek-Bulgarian border, with a long history. Situated on the uniquely beautiful slopes of Achladovouni mountain, it takes its name after the packs of wolves s (lykos – wolf) that used to roam the surrounding hills ( ).

In the past Lykodromio was renowned for its tobacco production; today the main local product is honey.
With a population of 50 permanent residents, most of whom are senior citizens, transportation towards the nearest city of Xanthi can be very challenging. In an effort to circumvent the need to travel to access medical services, descendents of the elders living in Lykodromio, currently living away from the village, have set up a Community Clinic which has been operating for a few months, providing the people of Lykodromio with valuable medical services, free of charge.