Brand counterfeiting? Packaging can help.
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Brand counterfeiting? Packaging can help.

Brand counterfeiting is a continually exacerbating issue within the food and pharma industries and is defined as the production of lower-quality replicas of branded goods with the intention of exploiting/reaping the inherent added value of the imitated goods. This phenomenon creates profit loss throughout the overall supply chain and also results in end-consumer defrauding since the product does not perform as advertised.
Research into anti- counterfeiting technologies has intensified worldwide in recent years with the explicit purpose of increased product safety and consumer protection.
A simple yet significant methodology to protect the product is via utilization of packaging materials printed with specialized inks or treated with innovative coatings during printing (e.g., fluorescent inks, printing with micro text, watermarks, etc). In this way, the end consumer could instantaneously be assured of product authenticity - just by looking at the special feature used each time.

Holographic films are visually/aesthetically remarkable comprising sharp vivid colors, high brightness and kinetic patterns. Holographic films can be generic but also fully customized, with specialized security features embedded within the design/artwork. Holographic base materials have properties (tensile strength and barriers) that are identical to those of commodity films.

Printed holographic films
Materials bearing 3D designs can also be used for printing. Brand owners usually prefer to leave an unprinted window on the original design in order for the 3D feature to be visible. These materials are mostly used in decorative applications , but since they fulfill all necessary requirements, they can be used also in contact with foodstuffs.

Additionally, holographic packaging considerably enhances product marketability:
*End consumer perceives higher value addition
*High aesthetic impact at the point of sale
*Premium look relative to conventional packaging materials.

Hatzopoulos SA, in collaboration with suppliers and clients, are constantly and proactively in search of new technologies to in order to be in a position to offer concrete solutions against copyright infringement and abuse that, in turn, result in lost revenue, brand damage/tarnished reputation , ineffective channels to market, lower profitability and, most significantly, frustrated and disillusioned customers.