Double-faced flexographic printing
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Double-faced flexographic printing

Adding value to products and packaging materials is of the utmost importance to our customers seeking brand differentiation and a subsequent increase in sales. A. Hatzopoulos S.A. constantly surpasses conventional standards within the flexographic printing sector, in-line double-faced printing being yet another prominent example. Our Comexi FW 1508 flexographic press forms part of our advanced technological infrastructure and is able to print at the top and bottom of a film, in full register and in a single run.

The maximum film width for the above process is 400mm and printing can be executed using different printing plates (different artworks) for the top and the bottom face. During the second printing process, an eyemark has to be present, for its correct registration on the film.

In both sides, the same 8 colors (or even different) can be used, provided that they do not exceed 8 in total.
This can be achieved in a single web (e.g., label applications) or in already laminated materials (maximum thickness of 150μm). The second case refers mainly to tube-like applications, where the material is already sealed at the edges (tubular format) and is winded on a reel (e.g., for plastic bag production).