Packaged with Care
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Packaged with Care

Designing and implementing the most suitable packaging and palletization process is a job made-easy at Hatzopoulos S.A. Specific attributes and benefits are added at each step of our procedure, so that the packaged materials are safely transported, easily handled, securely stored and sustainably managed.

The produced reels are carefully placed on a Euro pallet of standard dimensions and the bottom side of the pallet is protected using carton board. Paperboard placed in-between the reels ensures that they will remain intact during handling. The upper side is covered with a wooden board, so that the pallets are stackable, facilitating warehousing efficiency. The finished pallet is covered with a large PE bag that can be opened and reclosed, extending protection of the reels remaining in stock at the customer's site. Strapping bands hold the pallet together during transportation.

It is important to highlight that all materials used during the process are recyclable, of perfect quality & carefully controlled before use.

The pallets are labelled using the international certification standard GS1, providing detailed barcoded information on the required traceability data: content, order number, product code, count, batch, production date, weight, etc... Suggested storage conditions are also mentioned on the pallet, to safeguard maximum materials protection.

Every step of our packaging process, as described above, is manually operated in-house, providing flexibility and enabling customization according to each customer's needs and requirements.