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2019 Packaging Innovation Awards | 2 GOLD WINS

A.Hatzopoulos S.A. has won two GOLD prizes at the "Packaging Innovation Awards 2019", organized by Boussias Communications with the collaboration of the Association of Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials - AGMPM! Professionals from the packaging, FMCG and creative design sectors had the chance to participate in the internationally recognized Greek competition that supports and honors innovation in packaging design and development. Our company's technical innovation, expertise and approach to sustainable packaging were emphatically recognized in two highly competitive categories: "GAEA Gourmet Olives pack" | Packaging of products launched in an international market - GOLD & "X-CYCLE Recyclable Barrier Packaging" | Sustainable Package Design - GOLD!

GAEA Gourmet Olives pack | Packaging of products launched in an international market - GOLD

The "GAEA Gourmet Olives" packaging material is intended for packaging of flavored olives produced in Greece and exported mainly to the US, to Europe and Russia. The final package stands upright on the shelf, it incorporates a transparent window so that the olives are visible by the consumer and gives the consumer the possibility of multiple pack-opening.

A 3-ply material structure has been developed for this product line, with much improved barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, in order to guarantee 1-year product shelf-life. Thanks to the materials used as well as our laminating technology, these properties remain unchanged, even after flex-cracking and multiple folding of the material during its production process, but also during packaging at high speeds / productivity rates. In addition, the packing material retained the appropriate stiffness so that the package could stand perfectly on the shelf. At the same time, the design of the film has remained in transparent materials, to incorporate windows in an original and clever way. Finally thanks to its incorporated open/reclose system, the package is absolutely safe to use, but also completely handy.


X-CYCLE Recyclable Barrier Packaging | Sustainable Package Design - GOLD

The "X-CYCLE | Recyclable Barrier Packaging" refers to our breakthrough technology recently launched in the market. With recyclability as driving force, we have designed and presented recently a new generation of flexible packaging solutions that are recycle-ready: X-CYCLE. For the development of this packaging range, the target we set for it to achieve was twofold: a) Compatibility for recycling through the PE/PP/Mixed Polyolefins recycling streams, and b) High-performance packaging that meets the diversified needs and requirements of our customers internationally. These novel films combine resource efficiency, high-protective properties, high-performance, excellent printability, and many-fold add-on packaging functionalities together.

Our X-CYCLE solutions are today suitable for packaging of various demanding products such as coffee, nuts, dehydrated foods and much more, serving as the perfect fit to the circular economy of the future. Following a series of successful tests, we are now ready to provide various custom solutions that respond to the diversified customer demands for recyclable films. The extensive research and efforts of A. Hatzopoulos S.A. are dedicated in achieving the sustainability goals set by our company, as well as our partners globally. With the common vision for a better future planet, we develop for our partners innovative packaging solutions that incorporate our holistic approach to sustainable development.

For more information, please download the X-CYCLE brochure here: http://www.hatzopoulos.gr/uploads/newsletter/X_CYCLE.pdf