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X-Cycle | Recyclable barrier laminates

Introducing X-CYCLE: the next generation of recycle-ready barrier laminates

The Europe-wide EU Strategy for Plastics in the Circular Economy, developed to transform the way plastic products are designed, produced, used and recycled, sets a clear goal: all plastic packaging should be recyclable by 2030. To achieve this ambitious vision, the Strategy foresees actions to improve the economics and quality of plastic recycling; to curb plastic waste and littering; to drive investments and innovation; and to harness global action.

The role that flexible packaging producers and converters have to play towards this transformation is indeed more than critical. Moreover, global concern on plastic pollution is constantly rising with consumers increasingly demanding specific actions to be taken by the packaging industry. At Hatzopoulos, we always focus on improving packaging design and on innovating to make our plastic products more environmental-friendly and easier to recycle. In response to the requirements set by the European Commission as well as our customers globally, our dedicated R&D team has developed a series of films that are recycle-ready: X-Cycle.

Our X-Cycle packaging range has been recently introduced in the market as the next laminates generation and it consists of three main alternatives: X-Cycle PP, X-Cycle Poly & X-Cycle PE. Designed for a truly circular economy the new films range incorporates the guidelines for plastics recycling through the corresponding existing and emerging streams.

Flexible packaging has proven to be the best packaging choice when it comes to product protection, food waste reduction, consumer convenience and sustainability. However, today, most multi-material film structures that provide a broad range of protective and functional properties are not recyclable through the available recycling infrastructure. Laminates that require high-barrier properties (such as those brought by alu-foil or PET barrier films) when combined with polyolefins cannot be recycled together. Our X-Cycle solutions are the recyclable films designed and launched by A.Hatzopoulos S.A. to fill this exact gap.


The first two categories of this range, X-Cycle PP and X-Cycle Poly, were the first ones launched. These are the fully-recyclable alternatives that combine high-protective properties, high-performance, excellent printability, pack stiffness and many-fold add-on packaging functionalities together. Thanks to their high-barrier technology the new films are suitable for a huge variety of products such as coffee, nuts, dehydrated products, snacks and many more.

The several benefits brought by our novel X-Cycle PP & X-Cycle Poly product series are summarized as follows:

Recycle-Ready design
  • Homogenous composites, suitable for recycling through the available PP and Mixed Polyolefins recycling streams in Europe

High-Barrier properties

  • Replacing non-recyclable barrier laminates, with much lighter recyclable alternatives even at the same film thickness

Excellent shelf-appeal

  • Suitable for high-quality flexo / rotogravure printing processes
  • Optional film transparency for direct product visibility
  • Pack stiffness maintained
  • Optional white aspect inside the pack

Packaging functionalities

  • Fin & Lap seal film properties with common sealing technologies
  • High-performance at high speed packaging machines
  • Optional pealability for easy pack opening
  • Compatibility with common zippers & valves

Both films are undergoing a series of tests at the customer level and the results so far perfectly meet our expectations. We are now ready to bring this innovation to a larger scale, responding to various customized customer demands for recycle-ready solutions.

At Hatzopoulos S.A. we are committed to help our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Our extensive research and efforts focus on realizing the goal for a truly circular economy. We are very proud to have launched our innovative recyclable films range, that make reality our approach towards sustainable development.

Following a holistic approach to sustainable packaging design, we are also in the process of broadening and strengthening our recycle-ready laminates portfolio with the X-Cycle PE films, for which there will be further announcements. Stay tuned!


For more information on the X-Cycle range, please contact:

Mrs. Lefki Prountzou
Marketing & Communications Manager