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A Culture of Safety for Everyone

A.Hatzopoulos S.A. considers Safety and Health at work to be of the utmost importance. Ensuring both, every day, is a fundamental right of our employees and all other company stakeholders. We are committed to fully implementing the relevant legislation and, far beyond that, the highest standards related to Health & Safety, in a manner that maximizes the prevention of incidents that may cause any injury, illness or large-scale accidents for our employees, in and out of the company, and all visitors to our premises.

In this direction, A.Hatzopoulos S.A. has developed an effective and appropriate Health and Safety Management System that includes, among others:

I. The implementation of the provisions of the European legislation with regard to Health and Safety at work.
II. Annual Health check-up for all company employees, adapted to their work position and age group.
III. Continuous, hands-on training program for all employees, that develops their skills and their understanding of any work-related hazards.
IV. The conduction of regular risk-assessments and audits by a Safety Technician with the active engagement of our employees.
V. Advanced self-protection means for anyone working or entering our production facilities.
VI. Specific preventive and control measures taken at all high-risk related areas and departments, such as solvent recovery and logistics.
VII. Specific safety standards for any third-party contractors working at our premises.

The periodical review of the Health and Safety Management System ensures continuous improvement of all relevant procedures and minimization of deviations from the highest safety standards.

At the same time, the company’s top management is actively involved in the review and the implementation of the Health and Safety Management System, enabling the establishment of a culture of safety for everyone.