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2013 Packaging Gravure Award

The European Rotogravure Association, ERA, founded in 1956, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting users of the gravure printing process. ERA's mission is to promote gravure wherever it is applied and to contribute to the healthy continuity of the gravure industry through the exchange of technical information between the members.
Every second year ERA organizes and conducts the “Packaging Gravure Award” providing the opportunity for all participants/ members in the production chain to show gravure quality in packaging printing.

The Award categories are:
A. Flexible packaging – Paper (with no plastic or metal component)
B. Flexible packaging – Plastic Film (including film- film laminates: no paper, no metal)
C. Flexible packaging – Paper - Plastic film laminates (with no metal)
D. Flexible packaging – Metalized film, metalized laminates and metal foil-plastic film composites (with or without a paper component)
E. Flexible packaging - Unsupported aluminum foil, paper- foil composites (with no plastic)
F. Shrink – Wrap sleeves
G. Cartonboard (of all types: tobacco, cosmetics drinks,etc)
H. Labels (paper or film)
S. Specialty and Security etc., including “intelligent” packaging such as printed RFID tag aerials, over -temperature sensors, etc.

This year, A. Hatzopoulos SA participated and was awarded for the product of “Saint Alby Blanc de Poulet” in the category of Flexible packaging Plastic film & Laminates. The 2013 award is added to the two previous awards A. Hatzopoulos SA gained in 2009 and 2011. This special distinction is very important for our company and mostly for us at A. Hatzopoulos SA since we’ve achieved once more to excel and distinguish between recognized competitors.