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LessPaper - MoreEffectiveness

Year2012 can be characterized as the year of digitization for the processes of the company, through their integration into the already existed ERP system, action which contributed to the following improvements:

- Improve response time to customer orders.
Although the number of orders increased by 13.7%, the delivery time was reduced by 10.5% (average delivery time reduced to 34 from 38 days). - Direct and simultaneous flow ofinformation to all departments regarding customer's requirements.
On desktop of each computer terminal and primarily of each machine in the production area, all necessary information which has been injected in the ERP system up to the time of the particular production stage, is displayed and available to every user.
- Reduction of non-systemic errors in management and production of customer’s orders.
Continuous access to updated electronic based information, which contributes to avoid mistakes sourced from outdated or unavailable documents.
- Immediate retrieving of traceability data regarding raw materials, final products and converting process conditions.
Real time projection of traceability data in the ERP system during production process allows faster and more accurate retrieving whenever needed.
- Redaction of recording and archiving time from 10% to 15%.
With the given manpower,it became possible tomanage information and data for increased numberorders.Furthermore, working time can be allocated on issues relatedtocustomer requirements andresearch for improvingproductivity.
- 50% improvement in response time regarding customers complains reports.
- Optimization of data records and practically unlimited storage time. This results inbetter andeasierstatistical analysisof the data available.
- Redaction of paper consumption, at least by 60%.
An environmental target is achieved, since the use of paper for information management within the company is minimized.

In 2013, the reforming of A. Hatzopoulos S.A. website is planned, aiming to real timeservicetoour customers,24 hours a day, with direct access to all “commonly” required, information. Relevant newsletterwill be cycled announcing the beginning of its operation.