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Selecting Flexo!

Following all major technological advancements in the field of flexographic printing is an integral part of our day to day routine. The ability to offer concrete added value through our Flexo technology and operations-services is among our primary goals.

During the product development process and not only, there is always the time where we have to take a critical decision regarding the printing technology we will use. This is in relation with criteria as: cost, artwork, application, market segment and many more.
Following our continuous investment plan in technology and know-how, A. Hatzopoulos S.A flexographic printing has crossed the border of the usual flexo printing solutions offered in the market. Institutional differences that once divided Flexography from other printing methods are now bridged.
Undoubtedly, the fully automated digital engraving of plates ensures superior and consistent quality in every print. In other words a main disadvantage of Flexo has now been eliminated.
Our Prepress Team, staffed by passionate and enthusiastic people with several years of experince in the Prepress discipline, ensures that the printing results will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

The recently developed new process of our Flexo production provides with:
• The creation of a smaller, more stable dot for improved color degrades that can go down to zero.
• The optimized control and reduction of the “Dot Gain” phenonomenon, providing higher printing quality, color shade stability and reducing the natutal wear of the printing plates.
• Higher resolution in the reproduction of images (CMYK).
• Continuous quality control of all Flexo process (from data to film).
• Production of digital, dot simulated Print Proofs in clear plastic or paper, depending on the actual material to be used for the print.
• Quick turnaround of projects and pre-press consulting services on demand.
In the light of all the above mentioned the Hatzopoulos Flexo Pre-press team is dedicated to ensure for your Flexo printings:
• High quality and printing repeatability.
• Stability during printing of millions of impressions.
• Development of wider color range with CMYK.
• Strong and pure colors that stand out.
• Compatibility of digital proof and the final print.

Accumulating know- how and experience during the past years allowed us to overcome the mainstream of all issues. There are no uncertainties in the Flexo printing quality considering that each step is monitored, measures and controlled against the standard.

Recently in Hatzopoulos we introduced in our pallet of offered technologies the new Kodak plates with "Digicap". This is the key to the homogeneous transfer of ink to the substrate. The prrinting plate production with micro-engraving pattern (inspired by the engraving of gravure cylinders) is the mean to print exceptional images with incomparable contrast and vividness, full density colors. Another point of difference is the fact that in Hatzopoulos Flexo, printing without gaps across the repeat of the film is also possible. This option which is increasingly demanded from the market is accomplished with the use of digitally engraved circular printing plates (a technology developed by DuPont).
Combining all the above technological developments under one roof and supporting these with our certified processes and our dedicated and experienced Prepress Team, we are ready to undertake and support any of your Flexo printing projects.