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National Legislation Updating

  • German Ordinance on printing inks.
Second draft of the regulation was published at late 2011 and BLL (German Federation of Food Law and Food Science), on behalf of the whole supply chain for packed foods, responded positively on various points.
Change on the application field of the regulation, as it will not apply in cases where can be proved that migration from inks is not possible, allowance of substances approved for plastic manufacturing, to be used in printing inks manufacturing, and allowance of “nanomaterials” (under conditions) with adoption of EU recommendation regarding definition, were some of the most welcomed changes.
  • Belgian Legislation on Coatings.
There have been changes on the second draft of the regulation which are including the following: Period of five years validity for the Declaration of Compliance of coatings (under “no changes” condition), acceptability of using migration modeling, worst case calculation or overall migration for demonstrating compliance with specific migration limits and permission in using substances, which have been approved nationally and their toxicological dossiers meet EFSA standards

  • Swiss Ordinance
ESIG (European Solvents Industry Group) decided to react on the lack of progress in getting some missing substances of high concern added in List A. Their action is mainly focused on submitting dossiers on oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents to the authorities, taking steps forward in the process of adding the substances in List A of the Swiss Ordinance.