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BPA Issue Update

Bisphenol A issue is constantly evolving in European and world wide level. Research reports are published continuously and opinions still differ widely.
    -In the beginning of 2012, the Belgian Senate proposed a national ban on all food contact materials containing BPA which are aimed for use from children up to the age of three.
    -University of Exeter published a study suggesting that BPA may be a contributory cause of heart disease. The British Heart Foundation reacted by saying that there is no cause of concern.
    -European Commission confirmed that several European States have raised concerns about the French proposal for total ban of use of BPA in food packaging.
    -Swedish authorities announced their intentions to ban the use of BPA in coatings applied in food packaging for products intended for children under the age of three. They claim that such packaging is already BPA free and the measure will only make the phase - out official.
    -European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) started a new risk assessment of BPA used in food contact materials. The issue will be examined regarding the hazard characterization and exposure. It will take in account all existing and new findings and will focus on exposure of vulnerable groups. Also it will further evaluate uncertainties about the possible relevance to human health of some BPA-related effects observed in rodents at low dose levels.

    -In January 2012, a US organization called “The Center for Progressive Reform” increased the pressure on US authorities to restrict the use of BPA, by publishing a paper which describes the available regulatory options and taking as a fact the reports of adverse effects of BPA, even in low doses.
    -FDA turned down the proposal to ban the use of BPA in food packaging, with a petition from the National Resource Defense Council. FDA claims that the petition failed to provide concrete scientific evidence that the chemical posed a health risk.
    -Mr. Edward Markey (US Congressman) had petitioned FDA to remove regulatory approval of BPA in reusable packaging and cans, arguing that alternative solutions exist and already contributing in the replacement of BPA from the manufacturers.
    -A couple of US based food packers, Campbell Soup Company and Crown Prince Seafood, have announced that they are phasing out the use of cans with BPA based linings. Beside the constant developments in the research and legislation field on the Bisphenol A issue, food industry is not waiting for laws to be passed but demands BPA free packaging solutions, not just in states that have raised some type of ban to the substance but in all Europe and US.