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Hatzopoulos Investment in People

As to successfully achieve our company’s development and improvement, it is necessary to develop along our people. This means investigation of personality and emphasizing on leading capabilities of the people, who we have chosen for managerial and supervising duties. For continuous success in the future, it is mandatory to diffuse knowledge from and towards all level, with the provision of constant and adapted to our peoples’ needs education. Everyone in A. Hatzopoulos S.A. can express, through evaluations, his/her desire for further education. Thus, all suggestions are assessed in cooperation with the management departments involved and in conjunction with the needs, we are led to the annual training plan for each division. In that way the cost of education results, confirming our policy of equal opportunities for all. The educational programs are implemented externally – by educational institutions, either on their site, or in-house – and internally, having as main target the dissemination of knowledge, the logic and operation of quality management system as well as the enhancement in matters of fire protection and work safety. A chain process is then achieved that leaves no opportunity for a mistake, meeting the needs of both the workers and the company.

In 2013, 1.872 training hours have been dedicated to internal as well as external training, whereas in 2012 the training hours were 1.514, representing an increase of 24%. Moreover, since 2012 until today, five post-graduate program have been conducted, whilst special emphasis is given to subjects of Know-How, Quality Management, Fire Protection and Health & Safety at work.