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Production of Rotogravure Cylinders, Auto Robotic Line, AutoCON.
Driven by our business strategy for providing high quality products and services, we have proceeded in a new investment of rotogravure cylinder engraving line. The size of this investment reaches 3.000.000 € and is in operation since the end of August 2014. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment available for the sector of rotogravure cylinder engraving production. This is a step further of our company’s specialization and provides us the ability of offering our customers instant services and top quality printing results. The line’s installation was successfully completed in a specially formed and designed hall of our newest production facility, located in Stadiou Street at Kalohori – Thessaloniki.

This new investment, not only ensures a fully in-house control of the delicate preprint procedure, provides us flexibility and printing quality amelioration, but also improves our total performance as a flexible packaging converter. Specifically, our new Auto Robotic line AutoCon has the ability of producing 30 rotogravure cylinders per day, covering every client demand in product dimensions and engraving quality. The whole production procedure is fully automated through a specialized software and robotic system, limiting human interference at minimum.

Worthily of remarking is also the fact that this rotogravure cylinder production line ensures the highest available security levels and ergonomics and clearly meets all relevant requirements of the European legislation. Last but not least, special attention was paid in order to minimize as much as possible the CO2 emissions at the atmosphere, including the proper management of the waste occurring from the procedure of cylinders production.

Totally, our new engraving rotogravure cylinder production line, is consisted, between other, of:
    -Docking stations
    -Manual and automatic crane systems
    -Cassette rack storage for cylinders
    -Station for cutting and copper polishing
    -Dechroming and Chroming tanks
    -Alkaline copper tank
    -Degreasing Tank
    -Finishing and Polishing machine
    -Automation and safety features
    -Waste water Treatment plant
    -Measuring instruments and devices for quality control

The manufacturers of our new production line are a unification of well-known and trustworthy companies, while each and every one of them is specialized in a specific field of the procedure of the rotogravure cylinder production. Based on this model, the highest available technology including the best total performance is assured. This new investment, takes our company to the highest technological level of rotogravure flexible packaging converters in Europe. At the same time, the vacancies of new high specialization positions from this investment are very significant, fact that gives us much satisfaction as our Hatzopoulos team grows! We will be more than happy to give you a tour of our new rotogravure cylinder engraving hall in any possible visit of yours at our premises.