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Modern researches show that the flexible packaging market in Europe and USA is growing at a rate of around 4-6% per annum. The growth rate does seem to be due to, among others, the increasing demand for food in portion packaging, which offers ease of use, ease of transport and storage, thus gaining every day more and more consumers.

Portion packaging has a further advantage. Allow the necessary amount of food consumption (or the use of a specific quantity of a cosmetic product or detergent), thus avoiding wastage. In parallel, it is enhancing the environmental profile of this packaging format.

In Hatzopoulos Company we have developed a range of products suitable for packaging in portions, such as sticks, sachets & pots. Packaging materials for these applications incorporate many technologies, allowing food producers to provide high added value to their products and consumers to enjoy ease of use. Materials for sticks that combine easy opening and resistance to aggressive goods, laminates for sachets for applying laser cut for easy and straight tearing, and without laser scoring, suitable for magazine distribution, lid films for pots suitable for containers such as PP, PET, PS, PVC, etc, with normal welding, or with easy opening.