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New Investment in Quality & Effectiveness

It is a great pleasure and honor for our company to welcome the new Rotogravure press Rotomec 4003 MP, which has been in operation since early February 2015 after the final and successful completion of all required tests. Our new Rotomec 4003 MP press is installed in our second high-end technology plant, located in the area of Kalohori of Thessaloniki.
This plant features cutting-edge equipment, further strengthening our company’s commitment to the immediate, effective and high-quality service for its partners, offering exceptional solution in the flexible packaging industry. At the same time, our new production line will increase productivity and develop our company further.

The Rotomec 4003 MP is wide web type, with width 1.350mm, maximum speed of 450m/min, maximum printing capacity of 10 colors and annual production capacity of 100.000.000m². It is equipped with fully automated systems for switching printing jobs and cylinders without axes for cold seal in registerand lacquer application. The enhanced ink-drying system is what sets this press apart from all others of its kind, increasing both productivity and efficiency.

This system contributes into achieving maximum production speed eliminates the risk of blocking the mother reels. At the same time, it helps to minimize both the traces of residual solvents in the packaging material (Solvent Retention) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. All residual solvents are safely recovered in the specialized system that our company has in place on site.

Our latest acquisition, alongside our existing Rotogravure printing equipment, ensures high productivity, superior reliability and excellent quality for all our partners.
Our mission is one, flexible packaging in EXCELLENCE..!