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FLEXO Prepress

Rapidly evolving technology and its applications are generally acknowledged to have contributed significantly in recent decades to the development of industrial printing. The quality is in line with productivity by constant path and keeps its upward trend. Rotogravure, which has been synonymous with high –quality printing, has now found an ally.
The transition from low to high resolution is a fact and could not have left Flexography untouched in flexible packaging, from labels, shrink film to Alu-lids. Advancements in flexographic techniques engender printing results that are comparable to those of rotogravure.

As in all printing methods, different parameters need to be considered there are terms and parameters, so does Flexography follow this standards, not to be bound by them but to be able each customer to enjoy the maximum potential of Flexo and the same constant quality.
Applying safeguards such as:
    •Font size and lines (positive min 0.12mm thickness, negative 0,18mm)
    •Gripping and Trapping between colors maximum 0,20mm
    •Outlines where necessary
    •Suppresses printing gaps and other defects that could potentially cause defects The Flexo prepress department responsibly and discreetly contributes as above in the Art-Design to modify all the details that could potentially be of poor printing agents.

    Next move is producing the print proof, a simulation of great accuracy of the actual printing which will be the final guide to the real printing that follows next.
    The latest upgrades of GMG software technology, the newest EPSON Professional printers and the qualified staff, always guarantee the faithful reproduction and color accuracy.