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Automate Emailing of Packing List

Based on our constant provided service improvement, we inform our customers that from 1st of May 2015, we will be sending automatically the Packing Lists via email. This email will be sent to a specific address, along with the issue of the Delivery Note, as currently performed with the Certificate of Conformity. By doing so, we expect a decrease of bureaucracy and completing faster every loading, improving the total managing time needed for each dispatch.
Packing lists provide in detail the description of every reel contained in each loading, per SSCC (Purchase Order). We highlight the fact that every reel is marked with a unique traceability number (and barcode). This number contains the relative production data including the order, the batch of raw materials used, the production code and finally the dispatch. The production code is referred to a group of reels coming from the same mother reel and the same shift of the final production stage.

By receiving the Packing List automatically via email, our customers will have instant access to detailed information for each loading even before the actual arrival of the packaging material to their premises.

Our Customer Service team remains at your disposal for any additional information you may require.