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Hatzopoulos Packaging in Germany

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our operations to Germany with the opening of our new offices in Stuttgart.

At A. Hatzopoulos SA, we believe that successfully addressing client-specific needs requires more than a functional mastery of film-conversion technology; this is why we put together a dedicated, highly-trained team of professionals, based in Stuttgart, who will be able to offer immediate attention to new and existing customers in Germany.

The office is headed by our long-term partner, Theo, who brings more than 5 years of experience in packaging. We will be applying the successful business model originally developed across Europe, where we function in close geographical proximity to our clients and provide high-quality services.
The recent expansion has provided A. Hatzopoulos SA with further exposure across Germany for its range of flexible packaging services as the company looks to build upon its established presence in the German market.

Our commitment to excellence, in combination with our mission to deliver outstanding client service, has earned our firm the excellent reputation it enjoys today. A. Hatzopoulos SA have been operating in the flexible packaging field for over 80 years, and have continually evolved to become synonymous with quality.

At A.Hatzopoulos SA, we provide high-level services and are dedicated to maintaining and expanding our capabilities and expertise in order to meet the ever-diversifying needs of our clients.