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New Equipment Additions

Our company, pursuing the positive course, even in times of economic crisis, continues to develop and expand its production capabilities.
Recently, two new machines were added to the production lines, one laminating and one side-weld bag wicket type machine, expected to start operating soon and to bring along increased production capabilities and a higher turnover. The laminator Super Simplex Combi is a modern, flexible and productive machine, capable to work either with solvent-based or solvent-less adhesives, as well as to apply a pattern of cold-seal in register with a preprinted material. By adding suitable coating stations the machine can also apply water-based adhesives, PVDC coatings and even hot-melt.
The machine comes to add a capacity of 40 – 50.000.000 sqm of to the company’s already significant production capacity of complex multilayered structures, opening thus new possibilities especially for the production of unprinted laminated structures, a sector with many demanding applications.

The side-weld wicket type bag-making machine manufactured by Hudson-Sharp is a modern machine, highly productive (up-to 400 cycles/min) and equipped with accurate web tension controls. The range of materials the machine is capable to convert (either as single layer or blends and laminates of them) includes:
LDPE (15-90 μm)
LLDPE (15 – 60 μm)
HDPE (10 – 35 μm)
CPP (20 70 μm)
BOPP (10 35 μm)
The maximum bag size is 710 X 390 mm.
Adding this machine to our production line will increase at more than double the side-welded bag producing capacity and will also enhance the competitiveness of our company in this field through higher productivity and quality.