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High-quality packaging has numerous critical functions throughout the product lifecycle. It serves as protection during manufacturing, transportation, and storage. It conveys marketing/promotional messages on the shelves. Optimally designed packaging is your salesperson when customers take the product in their hands.
Targeting optimum flexographic print quality
The A. Haztzopoulos SA pre-press department comprises two in-house highly specialised teams (one dedicated exclusively to gravure and the other to gravure projects), committed to providing rapid-turnaround artwork processing of the highest quality.
Up until recently we have been producing flexographic plates at 100 to 120 lpi ripped at 2,540 dpi.
After a careful study of market options and comparison tests with flexographic plates from external partners, we chose to upgrade to the Esko FullHD Flexo CDI. As a result, we are now in the position to offer plates of higher density and definition.

Gravure quality in flexographic printing
FullHD flexography provides printing quality that is equal to Gravure printing with ultra-high ink and colour density at a more competitive cost level.
FullHD flexography combines special dot patterns and solid-plate screening methods (the software part) with high-definition optics for laser-printing plate engraver (the hardware part). During the printing process dots with round tops are created on the printing surface. HD flexo ensures optimal printing quality within the whole tonal range; this technology offers stable midtones, gradients and solids, as well as high density of colour backgrounds.
With high-contrast, high-resolution images, we can now produce printed packaging materials that deliver great results for the most demanding market sectors.

How FullHD flexo can improve your images:
    ·High-definition images and colours
    ·Colour consistency from print run to print run
    ·High printing quality up to 175 lpi
    ·Unproblematic printing of highly intricate artworks

    HD flexo features
    ·Fine image detail and contrast throughout the whole tonal range
    ·Smooth gradient transition vignettes
    ·Homogeneity of solid dots and high optic density
    ·Higher lineature without rosettes and moire patterns
    ·No optical registration issues

    flexo advantages:
    ·Image brightness and saturation
    ·Colour stability in the whole printing run
    ·Artworks easily switched between offset-flexo lines or between gravure-flexo to optimize costs.


FullHD flexography takes this technology a major step further with a patented, fully digitally controlled platemaking system combining high-resolution 4,000-dpi imaging with a unique inline UV main exposure unit. High-resolution imaging on the CDI creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink lay-down and increasing ink density on the final print. The result is improved image richness and contrast; that is especially helpful for PANTONE® colours, and for white underprints.
Until now the combination of smooth highlight printing and gravure-like solid ink densities for flexible packaging materials was arduous. HD flexography quickly has set new standards thanks to the fine highlights in the critical range for flexo from 1-10 percent, the transitions to zero, the sharp text and the brilliant image details it produces.
FullHD flexo adds gravure-like solid ink laydown of the correct solid density, along with vibrant brand colors, supreme plate making consistency and the only fully digitally controlled plate making workflow available in the industry. That enables differentiation of the ink lay down on the substrate for different parts of the artwork on a single plate.

Thus HD Flexo plates can produce smooth, sharp images with complete 1–100% dot coverage, delivering a wider colour gamut and bright gravure-like solid ink laydown.
Customers will be provided with higher quality/definition printed materials at no extra cost relative to conventional flexography.
No matter the substrate or artwork, excellent results are achievable through FullHD flexography. Typical flexo artifacts like mottling, gear marks, or breakouts are non-existent. The printer does not have to compromise between solid ink laydowns or sharp details, or between natural colours or smooth gradients.