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At the Heart of Hatzopoulos SA

In April 2013, the prestigious “GREEK MERIT-Nothern Greece” awards ceremony, A.XATZOPOULOS SA was honoured with the coveted “Environment” distinction in recognition of its substantial contribution to environment-protection causes. Respect for the environment is so deeply ingrained in our corporate culture that the A. HATZOPOULOS SA brand has become synonymous with ecological conscience. In conjunction with the implementation of concrete eco-policies according to ISO 14001:2004, major investments in solvent recovery abatement systems have been undertaken with the specific aim of reducing our carbon footprint and overall environment impact.

Through our involvement with the Carbon Disclosure Project we are also able to demonstrate:
  • Increased awareness of greenhouse-gas emission hot spots.
  • Business leadership in understanding the risk from climate change, deforestation and water scarcity.
  • How we are create opportunities to innovate and generate revenue from sustainable products and services.
Specific action plan involve :

Synergy with Primary/Secondary-Material Suppliers
  • Annual review/audit of environmental policies across the entire supply chain.
  • Full compliance of primary/secondary material supplies with EU environmental regulations/directives (i.e. EC No 1907/2006, concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals –REACH)through adherence to biltarel Quality Assurance Agreements. We are commited to absolutely ensuring that SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern : Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) are absent from the supply chain.
Synergy with Clients
Down gauging/light weighting of base materials and/or multi-layer polymeric structures :
  • Processing reduction by partial of secondary processing (lamination).
  • Environmental benefit through reduction in primary/secondary material consumption –reduction in packaging waste volumes.
Major Eco-Initiatives within Q1/Q2 2013
  • Intensive research into the manufacture of multi-layer laminates incorporating “OK biobased”-certified or biodegradable components.
  • Introduction of energy –saving technologies in our manufacturing facilities (energy-consumption reduction of 7-9%).
  • Installation of new lamination line resulting in increased levels of ethyl acetate recovery (solvent-based lamination).
  • Tarmacking/insulation of soil in production –site outside surrounding areas to preclude contamination in the event of accidental chemical leakage.