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2017 ERA Packaging Gravure Awards !

Hatzopoulos shined at the 2017 ERA Packaging Gravure Awards, winning a prestigious prize that rewards rotogravure printing excellence. On November 7th the "Trekpleister Espressobonen Fortissimo" design for coffee beans printed by Hatzopoulos S.A. received the ERA Award of the year in the category “Flexible packaging – metallized film, metallized laminates and metal foil-plastic film composites”.

ERA - European Rotogravure Association- is the leading international non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the gravure industry with members from the publication, packaging, and decorative printing sectors. The 2017 ERA Packaging and Decorative Gravure Award gives the opportunity to participants in the production chain to show gravure quality in packaging printing. The competition is open to both members and non-members of ERA from anywhere in the world and takes place every two years.

Once an art form and a craft skill, gravure today is a computer controlled manufacturing process, offering outstanding print quality, output consistency, highest versatility and speed. The ERA packaging gravure winning pack of 2017 stands for our company's consistent and passionate focus οn printing quality. This is the 5th time that ERA honors our company emphasizing once again the printing perfection which we have successfully established over the years.