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14th Marathon "Alexander the Great" | Run for a Cause!

More than 120 Hatzopoulos employees and their family members participated this year in the 14th International Marathon "Alexander the Great" to run for a good cause!

The run took place on 14.04.2019 gathering a total of 16.800 runners at this annual athletic city event of historic and cultural significance. We are more than proud of our running team, particularly this year, as they ran to support to the organization "Smile of a Child"!
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Born in Marathon, Greece in 490 B.C. by the heroic effort of the soldier Phedippides who ran the distance to announce to the Athenians the victory of the Greeks, falling dead due to overexertion, today in every corner of the world thousands of marathons are being organized, making thus this sport the one with the most participants in the world. The International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, member of the International Marathons Association (AIMS), refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki.

This International Marathon which symbolizes one of the most recognizable personalities of humanity, Alexander the Great, is not just a major International sporting event. It is a path in history & ancient Greek culture, connecting the past with the present and crossing within 42 km over 2.500 years of Macedonian history and Hellenism.

This year 16.800 runners, aged 9-85 years, flooded the streets of Thessaloniki and Macedonia to live a unique experience, to win the applause of many fans and to send a message of fitness and health through an event that also has social, cultural, environmental, touristic and historic character.

Our employees embraced this major city event once again, along with their families, engaging in the spirit of Humanity! This year's participation was particularly special to us, since we run with the organization "Smile of a Child" to support and strengthen the NGO’s efforts! The Greek Organisation supports children victims of any form of violence, missing children, children with health problems, children living in poverty or threatened by poverty.

We are Proud to Run for a Good Cause!

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The Thessaloniki International Marathon & night Half-marathons are organized twice per year; in April and October respectively. If you want to be part of the Hatzopoulos Team and get the chance to come and live this amazing experience, send us an email here with the keyword "Marathon". Our company will contact you to cover your participation fee to the future city events as member of our Marathon team. The next, 8th edition of the Int'l Thessaloniki Night Half-Marathon is already planned for October 19th, 2019: http://www.thessaloniki-half-marathon.com/en/info.html