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X-CYCLE PE | The future of packaging

Recyclable | Mono-material | Barrier Solution

With recyclability as driving force, we have designed and recently launched in the market a new generation of flexible packaging solutions: X-CYCLE. This recycle-ready, barrier films range that we have developed is now being further reinforced with a complete series of mono-material solutions destined for the PE recycling stream: X-CYCLE PE.

Recyclability has established itself this year as the No1 priority in packaging design, in global consumer and customer interest and in the European legislation and vision for the Circular Economy. Our company, in close collaboration with our customers and our suppliers, continues to innovate for the development of the recyclable packaging solutions of the future. Our novel X-CYCLE range consists of three main categories: X-CYCLE PP, X-CYCLE PE & X-CYCLE POLY, designed for recycling through the corresponding PP, PE, and Mixed Polyolefins streams.


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X-CYCLE PE in particular is our breakthrough technology, most recently introduced in the market. For the development of this packaging range, the target we set for it to achieve was twofold: a) Compatibility for recycling through the PE recycling stream, and b) High-performance packaging that meets the diversified needs and requirements of our customers internationally.

The laminates of this recyclable category are constructed exclusively from polyethylene films, either as duplex or as triplex film formulations, depending on the packaging requirements for each packed product. The novel films combine high-protective properties, high-performance, excellent printability, and many-fold add-on packaging functionalities together.

Complementing the sustainability benefits already offered by flexibles, the advantages brought by the novel X-Cycle PE films are summarized as follows:

1. Recycle-Ready design

  • The X-CYCLE PE solutions are mono-material composites, suitable for recycling through the PE recycling stream.

2. Resource Efficiency

  • Thanks to their higher product-to-package ratio, the X-CYCLE PE films can easily replace other, non-recyclable laminates with much lighter recyclable alternative options without changing the total pack thickness. For instance, our X-CYCLE PE triplex solution for coffee, when compared to a conventional triplex PET/ALU/PE non-recyclable film formulation of the same thickness, it gives an important packaging weight reduction saving measured at 13%!

3. High-Barrier properties

  • The new X-CYCLE PE solutions can offer high-protective properties against humidity and oxygen. They are therefore suitable for packaging of an array of products, contributing to the packed products’ shelf-life extension, without any compromise of its quality.
  • Also, the films can integrate optional white aspect inside the pack to offer additional barrier properties against light.

4. Excellent shelf-appeal

  • The new range is suitable for high-quality printing for the integration of graphics and end-of-life messages to help boost consumer engagement with recycling.
  • Both the X-CYCLE PE duplex and triplex alternatives can be offered as metal-free, transparent solutions, that enable direct product visibility.
  • The films have high resistance to puncture, being 100% safe during packaging and transportation.
  • In addition, they have very good stiffness properties, delivering thus a perfect packaging format and look for excellent shelf-appeal.

5. High-performance

  • The X-CYCLE PE films guarantee hermetic sealing, even at lower temperatures compared to the ones required for sealing of non-recyclable laminates. This way, they contribute also to less energy consumption, consecutively leading to a reduced environmental impact overall.
  • Thanks to their mechanical properties, both the duplex and the triplex X-CYCLE PE alternatives have demonstrated very good performance at various VFFS & Stand-up pouch packaging machines and they are compatible with zippers and common PE degassing valves for fresh coffee packaging.
  • Finally, they bring excellent tearing properties for a smooth, safe and easy pack opening to maximize consumer convenience.
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Our X-CYCLE PE solutions are today suitable for packaging of various demanding products such as coffee, nuts, dehydrated foods and much more, serving as the perfect fit to the circular economy of the future.
Following a series of successful tests, we are now ready to provide various custom solutions that respond to the diversified customer demands for recyclable films. In addition, we will soon further expand our range, to bring to market more recyclable solutions, suitable for all our key packaging applications.

The extensive research and efforts of A. Hatzopoulos S.A. are dedicated in achieving the sustainability goals set by our company, as well as our partners globally. With the common vision for a better future planet, we develop for our partners innovative packaging solutions that incorporate our holistic approach to sustainable development.

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The complete series of our innovative X-CYCLE barrier solutions will be showcased in the upcoming Fachpack show in Nuremberg, Germany on 24 - 26 September 2019. Visit us at our booth in Hall 7 / 7-516 and get a consultation by our experts on how to re-design your packaging for recyclability!