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Reconstruction of the cultural & athletic center "PROGRESS" in Attica

On the 23rd of July 2018, one of the most tragic pages was written in the history of Greece. A deadly wildfire broke out in Eastern Attica, leaving behind it 102 human lives taken, thousands of acres of forest destroyed, and incalculable material damage. As a company that is driven by the value of Compassion, we were quickly motivated, in an effort to provide moral support to the local community and especially to young people whose lives were violently changed by this massive disaster.

Among the buildings of the region that were completely destroyed was the cultural and athletic center for youth "ΠΡΟΟΔΟΣ-PROGRESS" in N. Voutzas. In September 2018, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. undertook the cost of its re-construction, in order to help re-open the center as quickly as possible. The building is now completely re-established, ready to act as a vibrant center, that will cultivate, through sports and art, human values and a purpose to youth, to believe in and help rectify this literally blessed place.

September 2018

May 2019