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A Culture of Safety for Everyone

A.Hatzopoulos S.A. considers Safety & Health at work to be of the utmost importance. Ensuring both every day is a fundamental right of our employees and all other company stakeholders. We are committed to fully implementing the relevant legislation and the highest standards related to Health & Safety, in a manner that maximizes the prevention of incidents that may cause any injury, illness or large-scale accidents for our employees in and out of the company and all visitors to our premises.

Visitez notre stand à FachPack

En Septembre, A.Hatzopoulos S.A. sera de retour à Nuremberg pour participer au salon Fachpack 2019. Fachpack est devenu un des salons principaux de l'emballage en Europe avec 1.644 exposants internationaux enregistrés en 2018 et plus de 45.000 visiteurs, venus pour découvrir les dernières tendances et innovations de l'industrie de l'emballage. Le thème principal de l'événement de cette année est "Emballage respectueux de l'environnement" et l'action principale de l'exposition sera les "Sustainability Awards" (Trophées de Durabilité), qui auront lieu le deuxième jour. Rendez-vous Hall 7 - Stand 516

Reconstruction of the cultural & athletic center "PROGRESS" in Attica

On the 23rd of July 2018, one of the most tragic pages was written in the history of Greece. A deadly wildfire broke out in Εastern Attica, leaving behind it 102 people’s lives taken, thousands of acres of forest destroyed, and incalculable material damage. As a company that is driven by the value of Compassion, we were quickly motivated, in an effort to provide moral support to the local community and especially to young people whose lives were violently changed by this massive disaster.

Ready | Get set | Print!

New €4M Investment | Rotogravure Capacity Expansion It is a great pleasure to announce a new milestone for our company: the installation of the RS 6003 HS state-of-the-art rotogravure printing press at our Stadiou plant in Kalohori, Thessaloniki. The 4 million euros investment is expected to significantly increase our rotogravure printing capacity, while further strengthening our company’s commitment to high quality and exceptional service.