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BIO-based packaging

I'm green ​ ​As the global movement towards a circular, zero-waste economy grows, the demand for more sustainable, responsible products throughout the supply chain is rising in parallel. Our company stays committed to enhancing the contribution of flexible packaging for that purpose, while assisting our customers in realizing their goals for eco-friendly packaging for their products. The BIO-based packaging solutions that we have designed, deliver both functionality and effectiveness, with the lowest possible environmental footprint at the same time.

3rd Packaging & Converting School postponed

The 3rd edition of our successful seminar series “Hatzopoulos Packaging & Converting School” was scheduled to open its doors this week in Thessaloniki. The event was planned to take place on 4&5 June with specific focus on Sustainability and in celebration of the World Environment Day, a day which highlights our dependence on nature and our planet’s health. ​

Covid-19 & Plastics

It is no secret that COVID-19 has brought a huge shift in our way of life. From the way we work, live and behave to the way we approach ongoing global issues, changes have occurred. One of these ongoing issues that we have started to treat differently is the impact of plastic and the role it plays in our lives. Specifically, press and consumers both, are beginning to reevaluate their perspective on the importance of “single use plastics”.

X-CYCLE films at Syntegon’s Virtual show

The long-anticipated Interpack 2020 was initially planned to open its doors this week, before it had to be inevitably postponed for 2021. We have decided not to let covid-19 stop us and, with the help of SYNTEGON, we bring our complete recyclable range "X-CYCLE" live to your screen!