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HEMA’s Recycle-ready packaging for Coffee receives SILVER “Packaging Innovation Award” 2020

A.Hatzopoulos S.A. has partnered with HEMA for their new sustainable coffee packaging launch in 2020. In response to the retailer’s eco vision, we undertook the challenge to redesign the conventional packaging film for recyclability and to bring on HEMA’s coffee shelves the new sustainable packs within only few months’ time.

Lincoln & York’s recyclable coffee packaging receives GOLD “Packaging Innovation Award 2020”

At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. we are dedicated in achieving the sustainability goals set by our company, as well as our partners globally. Last year we launched X-CYCLE: our new range of recyclable packaging solutions, which makes reality our approach towards a truly circular economy. We are proud to have now taken this breakthrough technology one step further, by bringing to the UK market a complete all-PE recyclable coffee packaging range, in partnership with the coffee roaster Lincoln & York. Lincoln & York'srecyclable coffee packaging solutions, developed by A. Hatzopoulos S.A., have won the GOLD prize at this year’s "Packaging Innovation Awards 2020".

Certified FlexoExpert

As an international supplier of flexo printed films, with an integrated, full-service pre-press and plate-making department, we decided to participate in the FlexoExpert Certification Program last year and make sure that we are providing consistent high quality flexo, in line with our corporate philosophy. ​

CEFLEX | Guidelines & Recommendations

Flexible packaging is an important part of our modern world. Mainly made of plastic films, it helps ensure products reach consumers safe and fresh, preserving nutrients, taste, and quality. Being very light and thin, flexible packaging materials reduce the impact of transportation, reduce waste of the goods they protect and usually use far less material than alternative packaging options. Minimising product and packaging waste with low weight and volume is key in a circular economy. But an equally important objective is to design flexible packaging so that it will be correctly disposed of, collected, and efficiently sorted into suitable material fractions for recycling. These sorted materials must be recyclable into ‘new’ ones that can be used in market applications, displacing virgin material. ​